Rusticotv: Colorful and diverse entertainment channel for Vietnamese youth


Rusticotv is an online entertainment channel founded in 2015 and quickly became one of the leading entertainment channels for Vietnamese youth. With diverse content and unique style, Rusticotv has attracted many loyal audiences and become one of the channels with the highest viewership on YouTube in Vietnam. In this article, we will learn about Rusticotv and the interesting things this channel brings to the audience.

1. History of formation and development of Rusticotv

– Establishment and first steps of development

Rusticotv channel was founded in 2015 by two young people, Nguyen Huu Tai and Nguyen Duc Anh. Initially, It was just a small channel with mainly funny videos and the daily lives of two young people. However, with constant effort and creativity, Rusticotv has gradually become a diverse entertainment channel and attracted a large audience.

– Rusticotv’s rapid development and success

With quality videos and diverse content, It has quickly attracted a large number of viewers. In particular, videos about challenges and games along with funny and interesting content have helped this channel become one of the channels with the highest number of viewers on YouTube in Vietnam. Currently, It has more than 6 million registrations and more than 1 billion views on its official YouTube channel.

2. Rusticotv’s content and style

– Diverse and rich content

One of the highlights of it is its diverse and rich content. Not only stopping at making videos about daily life or games, Rusticotv also brings the audience videos about travel, cuisine, challenges and videos about touching and meaningful stories. . This has helped the channel attract a very diverse audience.

– Youthful and creative style

Not only does it have diverse content, It also has a youthful and creative style in each video. With natural expressions and expressions, Rusticotv members always create videos that are extremely funny and close to the audience. This has helped this channel become one of the most popular entertainment channels today.

3. Rusticotv’s influence on Vietnamese youth

– Bring joy and positive emotions to the audience

With diverse content and youthful style, It has brought audiences moments of relaxing entertainment and positive emotions. Rusticotv’s videos not only make the audience laugh but also often bring positive and meaningful messages, helping the audience gain more motivation and faith in life.

– Spread the spirit of creativity and passion to young people

Not only an entertainment channel, Rusticotv is also a source of inspiration and motivation for Vietnamese youth. With creative and passionate videos, Rusticotv awakens the creative and passionate spirit in everyone and helps them believe in themselves and pursue their dreams.

4. Rusticotv’s charitable projects and activities

– Organize charity programs

In addition to bringing entertaining videos to the audience, Rusticotv also regularly organizes charity programs to help difficult situations in society. This is one of Rusticotv’s activities worthy of recognition and appreciation.

– Support young artists

It is also one of the first entertainment channels in Vietnam to support and introduce young artists. With the support and companionship of Rusticotv, many young artists have had the opportunity to be known to the audience and develop their careers.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

– Rusticotv there?

It is an online entertainment channel founded in 2015 by two young people, Nguyen Huu Tai and Nguyen Duc Anh.

– What videos does Rusticotv have?

It has many videos about daily life, travel, food, challenges and even touching and meaningful stories.

– How to watch it?

You can follow Rusticotv on the official YouTube channel or on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

– Does Rusticotv organize charity activities?

Yes, It regularly organizes charity activities to help difficult situations in society.

– Does Rusticotv have any impact on Vietnamese youth?

Yes, It has brought joy and positive emotions to the audience and spread the spirit of creativity and passion to Vietnamese youth.


With diverse content, youthful and creative style and meaningful charity activities, Rusticotv has become one of the most popular and influential entertainment channels in Vietnam. Hopefully through this article, you will understand more about Rusticotv and find it interesting to explore the colorful and diverse entertainment world of this channel. Please follow and support Rusticotv for more interesting and meaningful videos!

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