Asseturi: Digital assets for the future


Digital assets are becoming one of the most important concepts in the 4.0 technology era. With the development of new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, digital assets are increasingly widely used in business and investment fields. In this article, we will learn about the concept of asseturi and its important role in the future.

1. What are you doing?

Asseturi concept

Asseturi is a term created from combining the words “asset” (asset) and “uri” (identifier). It means assets are identified using new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. These assets can be cryptocurrencies, personal information, copyrights, or any type of digital asset that has value.

The role of asseturi

With the development of technology, creating digital assets and identifying them is easier than ever. Asseturi plays an important role in enhancing transparency and security of business and investment transactions. It also helps reduce dependence on intermediaries and increases asset availability.

2. Types of it


Cryptocurrencies are one of the most popular asseturi types today. These are digital currencies created and managed using blockchain technology. Typical examples are Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin. These currencies are highly liquid and are increasingly widely accepted in business and investment transactions.

Personal information

Personal information can also be considered a type of it. With the development of the internet and new technologies, each person’s personal information is increasingly collected and widely used. Identifying and protecting personal information will help users have control and take advantage of the value of their personal information.


Works of art, music, and movies can also be considered types of asseturi. With the development of the internet, copyright protection and identification of these works have become extremely important. Blockchain technology can help ensure the integrity and exclusivity of these works.

3. Benefits of asseturi


With the use of blockchain technology, asseturi-related transactions will be stored and confirmed on a distributed system. This helps increase transparency and minimize risks for parties participating in the transaction.


Digital assets identified using blockchain technology will be encrypted and highly secure. The use of this technology helps prevent fraud and cyber attacks, ensuring the safety of transactions.


With the use of blockchain technology, digital assets can be exchanged and converted easily without having to go through intermediaries. This increases availability and reduces costs for transactions.

4. Asseturi risks

Cyber ​​security risks

Although blockchain technology is highly secure, it is not completely free from cyber attacks. Storing and managing digital assets can also be subject to cybersecurity risks.

Value risk

The value of digital assets can be affected by many different factors such as market fluctuations or cybersecurity issues. Therefore, investing in asseturi can also bring financial risks to investors.

Legal risks

Currently, the management and regulation of digital assets is still in development. Therefore, legal risks are also an issue that needs to be considered when participating in the asseturi market.

5. Frequently asked questions about it

Is Asseturi a type of currency?

No, It is not a currency but a general concept that refers to digital assets identified using new technology such as blockchain.

Can I use asseturi to invest?

Yes, you can use asseturi to invest but you need to understand the risks and liquidity of these assets.

Are digital assets safe?

The use of blockchain technology increases the security of digital assets. However, there may still be cybersecurity risks that need attention.

Can I use it to pay for goods and services?

Yes, depending on the type of asseturi and its liquidity. Some digital currencies can be used to pay for goods and services but liquidity needs to be checked before use.

Can Asseturi help increase transparency in business transactions?

Yes, the use of blockchain technology increases transparency and reduces risk for business transactions involving digital assets.


It is an important concept in the 4.0 technology era. With the development of new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, the role of asseturi is increasingly enhanced in increasing transparency and safety for business and investment transactions. However, the use of asseturi can also bring some risks that need to be taken into account and addressed. Therefore, understanding this concept and the types of asseturi is extremely important to be able to take advantage of and invest in the digital

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