Stephanie Sarkisian: Great female rugby coach

Stephanie Sarkisian

Stephanie Sarkisian is one of the most successful female rugby coaches in history. With her impressive achievements and controversial career, she has contributed to changing people’s views on the role of women in this sport. In this article, we will learn about the life and career of Stephanie Sarkisian, as well as her contributions to rugby and society.

Stephanie Sarkisian’s rugby career

Important turning point in career

Stephanie Sarkisian was born and raised in Los Angeles, California in 1973. Since childhood, she had a strong passion for rugby and always wanted to become a coach. After graduating from university, she started her career at a high school in her hometown. However, an important turning point in Stephanie Sarkisian’s career came when she was invited to coach the women’s soccer team at the University of Southern California (USC) in 2001.

Success at USC

At USC, Stephanie Sarkisian has had remarkable achievements as a coach. She helped the school’s football team achieve many important titles, including 3 national championships and 5 final appearances. In addition, she also helped USC’s women’s soccer team become the only team in history to win 3 consecutive championships from 2003 to 2005.

Stephanie Sarkisian’s coaching success

Unique coaching style

One of the important factors that helped Stephanie Sarkisian achieve success in her coaching career is her unique style. She always considers her players as people, not just players. She always respects and treats all team members fairly, from bright stars to reserve players. This has helped her gain the respect and affection of the players, thereby creating a healthy and united environment within the team.

Perseverance and determination

Not only her unique coaching style, perseverance and determination are also important factors that help Stephanie Sarkisian achieve success in her career. She always constantly practices and improves her skills to bring the team to higher achievements. She also always encouraged her players to work hard and never give up on their dreams.

Stephanie Sarkisian’s contribution to rugby

Paving the way for women in rugby

One of Stephanie Sarkisian’s greatest contributions to rugby was paving the way for women in the field. Before her arrival, having a female coach in rugby was rare and controversial. However, Stephanie Sarkisian’s success has proven that women can absolutely lead a rugby team and achieve impressive achievements.

Great influence on the players

Not only is Stephanie Sarkisian a great coach, she is also a great teacher for her players. She always inspires and encourages the players to not only become excellent athletes but also good people. Many players have received support and direction from her to succeed in life after leaving the field.

Stephanie Sarkisian’s personal life

In addition to her coaching career, Stephanie Sarkisian’s personal life also attracts public attention. She married former football player and current coach Steve Sarkisian in 2004. They have two sons and a daughter.

Coaching career and family

Combining a coaching career and family is always a challenge for women in sport. However, Stephanie Sarkisian has proven that she can excel in both roles. She always finds a way to balance work and family so as not to miss important moments in her children’s lives.

Dispute about contract

However, Stephanie Sarkisian’s personal life cannot avoid controversy. In 2013, she signed a new contract with USC with a salary of $2 million per year, making her the highest-paid women’s rugby coach in history. This has caused many mixed opinions from the rugby community, saying that Stephanie Sarkisian’s salary is too high compared to male coaches.

Stephanie Sarkisian’s legacy in rugby history

With her remarkable achievements and contributions in her coaching career, Stephanie Sarkisian has left a deep mark in rugby history. She is one of the only female coaches in history to win the most national championships and is also the woman with the highest salary in the history of this sport.

Check out the titles

  • 3 times national champion (2003, 2004, 2005)
  • 5 times in the final (2002, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009)
  • Twice voted Best Coach of the Year (2003, 2004)
  • Once voted into the Best Team of the Year (2003)

Huge influence on women’s rugby

Not only is she a good coach, Stephanie Sarkisian is also an icon and example to follow for female rugby coaches. She has proven that women can succeed in the sport and has opened the door to many new opportunities for women passionate about rugby.

Stephanie Sarkisian’s future in rugby

After leaving USC in 2009, Stephanie Sarkisian was no longer the head coach of another women’s soccer team. However, she continued to participate in rugby activities and contributed important opinions in the development of women’s rugby.

Ability to return to the field

Currently, Stephanie Sarkisian is the CEO of a sports consulting company and is said to be considering the possibility of returning to the field in the near future. If she decides to return, this will be good news for women’s rugby fans and also an important addition to this sport.

Stephanie Sarkisian’s influence on women’s rugby

As mentioned above, Stephanie Sarkisian has made major contributions to women’s rugby. Her success and influence have helped change the way people view the role of women in this sport. In addition, she has also inspired and encouraged many young female players to pursue their dreams.

Taking women’s rugby to new heights

Stephanie Sarkisian’s success has helped take women’s rugby to new heights and attract more attention to the sport. Women’s rugby tournaments are receiving increasing attention and support from the public, thanks to the achievements and contributions of coaches like Stephanie Sarkisian.

Create opportunities for women

Stephanie Sarkisian’s success has also opened up many new opportunities for women in rugby. Many football teams have chosen female coaches to lead and achieve good results. This shows the great influence of Stephanie Sarkisian in changing perceptions and paving the way for women in this sport.

Leadership lessons from Stephanie Sarkisian

Stephanie Sarkisian’s career and success provide us with many lessons in leadership and management. Below are some important highlights that we can draw from her life and career.

Perseverance and determination

As mentioned above, perseverance and determination are important factors that help Stephanie Sarkisian achieve success in her coaching career. She always constantly trains and strives to bring the team to higher achievements. This shows the importance of perseverance and determination in achieving goals.

Respect and fair treatment

Stephanie Sarkisian’s unique coaching style has helped her gain the respect and affection of her players. She always considers her players as people, not just players. Respecting and treating all team members fairly has helped her create a positive and united working environment.

Adaptability and creativity

Throughout her coaching career, Stephanie Sarkisian has faced many challenges and difficulties. However, she always has the ability to adapt and be creative to overcome these obstacles. This shows the importance of being adaptable and creative in solving problems and achieving success.


Stephanie Sarkisian is an icon and role model for female rugby coaches. Her success and contributions left a deep mark in the history of rugby and opened up many new opportunities for women in this sport. Leadership lessons from Stephanie Sarkisian’s life and career are also worth learning and applying to life. Back Continue WriteNext 

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