Webcord Virus: New threat for Discord users

Webcord Virus

With the continuous development of technology, the use of online applications has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. And Discord is one of the most widely used applications today, especially in the gaming community. However, with the popularity of Discord, many viruses and malware also appear to take advantage of users. In this article, we will learn about one of the latest threats to Discord users – Webcord virus.

1. What is a Webcord virus?

1.1. Define

Webcord virus is a type of malicious code created to attack Discord users through fake websites. When users visit these websites, the virus will automatically activate and infect their computers through the Discord application.

1.2. How it works

Webcord viruses work by taking advantage of Discord’s “rich presence” feature. Rich presence is a feature that allows users to display status and information about the game being played on Discord. When users visit fake websites, the virus automatically changes the user’s status on Discord to a message containing a link to the malicious website. If a user clicks on this link, the virus will be downloaded and infect their computer.

2. Ways to prevent Webcord virus

2.1. Do not access websites of unknown origin

To avoid being infected with the Webcord virus, users should avoid accessing websites of unknown origin or with suspicious signs. If you are unsure about the security of a website, double check the URL before visiting.

2.2. Use trustworthy antivirus and security software

Using reliable antivirus and security software is one of the most effective ways to protect your computer from viruses and malware, including Webcord viruses. Make sure your software is always up to date so it can detect and remove the latest viruses.

2.3. Do not enable the “rich presence” feature on Discord

To avoid being infected with Webcord viruses through Discord’s “rich presence” feature, users can turn off this feature in the application’s settings. This will help prevent your status on Discord from automatically changing when visiting fake websites.

3. Consequences of being infected with the Webcord virus

If infected with the Webcord virus, users can experience many serious consequences, including:

  • Loss of control over the computer: Viruses can take away control of the user’s computer and cause unwanted actions such as downloading and installing other malware.
  • Stealing personal information: Webcord viruses can collect users’ personal information such as login names, passwords, credit card numbers and use them to defraud or cause financial damage to users.
  • Affects computer performance: Viruses can reduce computer performance by consuming system resources and causing frequent errors and crashes.

4. Measures to remove Webcord virus

4.1. Use anti-virus and security software

If you suspect your computer is infected with the Webcord virus, use antivirus and security software to scan and remove the virus. If your software cannot detect and remove viruses, please refer to the following other measures.

4.2. Delete virus related files

To remove Webcord virus, you can find and delete virus-related files on your computer. However, this can be difficult because these files are often hidden and have random names.

4.3. Use safe mode to start the computer

If you cannot delete virus-related files in normal mode, you can use safe mode to start your computer and remove the virus. Safe mode will help you access hidden files and folders and remove them more easily.

5. Measures to prevent Webcord viruses in the future

5.1. Update software and operating system regularly

Regularly updating software and operating systems is one of the most effective measures to prevent infection with Webcord viruses and other viruses. These updates often include bug fixes and security improvements, making your computer more secure.

5.2. Check the link before clicking

Before clicking any link on Discord, double check the URL to make sure it is a safe site. If in any doubt, do not click on the link.

5.3. Do not share personal information on Discord

To avoid being scammed or causing financial loss, users should avoid sharing personal information such as usernames, passwords or credit card numbers on Discord. If anyone requests this information, be careful and verify their identity before sharing.


Webcord virus is one of the latest threats to Discord users. To avoid being infected with this virus, users should be careful when accessing websites of unknown origin and use reliable anti-virus and security software. If you are already infected, take measures to remove the virus and make sure your computer is always up to date to avoid future infections.

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