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Error in planning

When you start a new project, it’s important to come up with a detailed plan. It gives you an overview of the work that needs to be done and helps you organize your time and resources effectively. However, sometimes during the planning process, you may encounter errors and difficulties. In this article, we will learn about one of the common errors when planning, “Error in outlining. Please click <strong>Rebuild</strong> to try again” and how to fix it.

Cause of the error “Error in outlining”

The “Error in outlining” error appears when you are using a planning tool and there is some invalid information in your plan. This can happen for many different reasons, for example:

1. Missing information or inaccurate information

One of the main causes of “Error in outlining” errors is missing information or incorrect information in your plan. When planning, you need to provide complete and accurate information such as job name, completion time, implementer, etc. If any information is missing or inaccurate, the company will notify you. The planner will not be able to display your plan and an “Error in outlining” error will appear.

2. Using incompatible planning tools

Another possible cause of the “Error in outlining” error is that you are using a planning tool that is not compatible with your system or version. Planning tools may be developed for specific operating systems or versions, so if you use an incompatible tool, it may cause planning errors.

3. Error from the server side

In addition to the above two causes, the “Error in outlining” error can also be caused by a server-side error. This can happen if the server is experiencing problems or is overloaded, resulting in your plan not being able to display.

How to fix “Error in outlining” error

To fix the “Error in outlining” error, you can do the following steps:

1. Review the information in the plan

If the error appears due to missing or incorrect information, you need to recheck the information in your plan and fill in all necessary information completely and accurately. If you are unsure about some information, contact the project manager or relevant people for assistance.

2. Use another planning tool

If you’re using an incompatible planner, try using a different one. You can search and choose a planning tool suitable for your operating system and version to avoid this error.

3. Try again after some time

If the error appears due to a server error, you can try again later. If you still can’t set a plan, contact your service provider for assistance.


During the planning process, encountering errors and difficulties is inevitable. However, with the causes and ways to fix the “Error in outlining” error that we have introduced in this article, hopefully you will be able to handle and complete your plan effectively. Good luck! Back Continue WriteNext 

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