Ilimecomix: Vietnam’s leading online comic platform


Ilimecomix is ​​an online comic platform founded in 2018 by the company ILIME Media. With the mission of bringing readers the best comic reading experiences, Ilimecomix has quickly become one of the most popular comic platforms in Vietnam. With more than 1,000 works and millions of readers, Ilimecomix has affirmed its position in the online comic market.

1. Overview of Ilimecomix

1.1 Introduction to Ilimecomix

Ilimecomix is ​​an online comic platform that operates as a website and mobile application. With a friendly and easy-to-use interface, readers can easily search and read their favorite comics. In addition, It also provides special features such as creating comics, sharing comics, and joining the reader community.

1.2 Features of Ilimecomix

  • Diverse comic series: It has more than 1000 comic series of many different genres, from Japanese, Korean to Vietnamese comics.
  • Create comics: Users can create their own comics with diverse tools and effect collections.
  • Share comics: Users can share their favorite comics on social networks or send them to friends via email or text message.
  • Join the community: It is ​​also a place for authors and readers to interact, exchange and share ideas about comics.

2. Development of Ilimecomix

2.1 History of formation

Ilimecomix was founded in 2018 by ILIME Media company. Initially, the platform only had a few comic series produced by ILIME Media. However, with rapid development and the interest of many readers, Ilimecomix has expanded to include comic books from major publishers such as Kim Dong, Youth Publishing House and Hong Duc.

2.2 Statistics

Currently, it has more than 5 million users and more than 100 million story reads. This platform has also attracted more than 10,000 authors and has more than 1,000 comic series being posted. Comic books on Ilimecomix have also been adapted into cartoons and online games.

3. Benefits of using Ilimecomix

3.1 For readers

  • Easy access: With a friendly interface and smart search feature, readers can easily find and read their favorite comics.
  • Diverse genres: Ilimecomix provides comics of many different genres, from Japanese, Korean to Vietnamese comics, meeting the diverse needs of readers.
  • Free: it is ​​completely free and does not require account registration to read stories.

3.2 For the author

  • Opportunity to be published: With a large number of readers, it is ​​a place for authors to reach readers and have the opportunity to be published.
  • Generate income: Authors can earn income from uploading comics to Ilimecomix through a revenue sharing program.
  • Exchange and learn: It is ​​also a place for authors to exchange, learn and share experiences in creating comics.

4. Frequently asked questions about it

4.1 How to upload comics to it?

To upload comics to it, you need to register for an author account and follow Ilimecomix’s regulations on comic content and format.

4.2 How to earn income from uploading comics to it?

Authors can earn income through Ilimecomix’s revenue sharing program, in which authors will share a portion of revenue from advertising and sales on the site.

4.3 How can I read stories on Ilimecomix?

You can read stories on it through the website or download the mobile application on the App Store or Google Play.

4.4 Is there a fee to register an account on it?

No, registering an account on it is ​​completely free.

4.5 How can I create comics on Ilimecomix?

You can create comics on it using the tools and effect collections available on the platform.


It has been the leading online comic platform in Vietnam with millions of readers and more than 1,000 diverse comic series. With special features and benefits for both readers and authors, Ilimecomix has affirmed its position in the online comic market and continues to grow to bring readers comic reading experiences. the best. Visit Ilimecomix now to discover more interesting comics and join this creative comic community!

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