Explore the New Gesthos Sector in Tower of Fantasy 4.0!

Gesthos Sector

Find cheap Tower of Fantasy top-ups at https://www.u7buy.com/tower-of-fantasy/tower-of-fantasy-top-up  to improve your gaming experience! Hello, Wanderers or Authorizers? Welcome back! At Hotta Studio of Perfect World Games, lead designer SKY is excited to announce some news. Tower of Fantasy 4.0, Gesthos Sector, launches May 28.

This update will introduce a futuristic, technologically advanced urban-style open world. Version 4.0 adds a wide array of new partners with interesting stories and unique talents. The release will be celebrated with several events. Players can win 188 draws and 1000 Dark Crystals at these tournaments. The team awaits your participation!

Sector Gesthos

After Domain 9, players know Gesthos, Hykros headquarters’ supercomputer. A virus forced Gesthos to close, risking an Omnium catastrophe. To identify the virus, players must become Authorizers and upload their consciousness into Gesthos Network World.

Gesthos recreated Aida’s pre-Cataclysmic magnificence in this virtual world. Omnium technology leads a technological revolution in unprecedented affluence.

Imagine holographic billboards atop skyscrapers, planes flying above blue skies, and gravity trains. Enjoy relaxing vacations on Astra’s sunny beaches, blending technology and nature. Explore and puzzle-solve to discover more.

New Pals and Characters

You’ll become caught up in Aesperia’s power conflicts while fighting the virus. Don’t worry – new buddies are eager to help.

Roslyn, a new Federation Police recruit, is dedicated and charming in her pursuit of justice. Roslyn, a junior officer demoted after a failed mission, is charming with her calm demeanour, love of cats, and unique weapon, ”Calm Waters,” made from her grandfather’s ship anchor. The frost-volt weapon Roslyn uses for mid-range fighting creates a mesmerising ballet of devastation.

Ace: Roslyn relentlessly pursues Ace, the elusive robber. Ace uses ”Poppin’ Stick,” a baseball bat, to promote justice despite her status as a great thief. She founded the notorious phantom thief organisation ”Wednesday.”Ace and Roslyn’s relationship is secretive and full of history.

Feature and gameplay improvements

With version 4.0, Lan, a popular simulacrum, will join the free pick SSR weapon pool. Players will receive a special Authorizer’s Terminal for exploring new regions and improving map data. This device plays music, sends SMS, and has an Uber-like transportation app.

New open-world gameplay blends major quests with the world. Interactive activities enrich Authorizers, from maintaining port towers to finding escaped robots and making stone sculptures.

Challenges and Gains

Players face the threat of intelligent devices like Patrol Droid and Formation Point Sphere α: Test Type. Each threat requires strategic planning and navigation.

Players have many options. Sign-ins and version-exclusive events offer 188 drawings and 1000 Dark Crystals. Enjoy the free dandelion Fluffy and the introduction of a sleek dual-seater sports car with autonomous cruise and driving.

One last thought

Mark your calendars! Tower of Fantasy 4.0 releases May 28. With many interesting elements, we eagerly await this exciting new voyage together. The latest version awaits! U7BUY offers Tower of Fantasy accounts for sale to improve your game.

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