Sukıtır: The Change of Fashion Trends from Korea


No longer unfamiliar to fashionistas, sukıtır (also known as “combination of shirt and blouse”) has become one of the most prominent fashion trends in recent years. Originating from the land of kimchi, sukıtır has quickly spread throughout Asia and become an indispensable symbol in young people’s wardrobes. So what is almostır? Why is it so popular? Let’s find out in the article below.

1. History and origin of it

Korea – Birthplace of it

sukıtır originates from Korea, one of the countries with the most developed fashion industry in the world. In 2008, a designer named Lee Young Hee launched a “blouson” collection at Seoul Fashion Week. However, in 2010, when a famous singer in Korea, Seo Taiji, appeared on a TV show wearing a sukıtır, this trend really exploded and became a trend among young people.

The spread of sukıtır throughout Asia

After being developed in Korea, It quickly attracted interest and spread to neighboring countries such as Japan, China, Taiwan and Vietnam. With the combination of shirts and blouses, sukıtır not only brings a new fashion style but is also very easy to mix and match with many different outfits, especially on hot summer days.

2. Characteristics and basic mix and match methods of it

It has a shirt-like design with a collar and chest pocket. However, the sukıtır itself is made of soft and light fabric, usually cotton or linen, creating a cool feeling when worn. This is very suitable for the hot and humid climate of Asian countries.

Simple way to mix match with sukıtır

  • Mix with jeans: This is the most basic and easiest combination when wearing it. You can choose skinny pants or boyfriend jeans depending on your preference and style. A pair of sneakers or flat sandals are also extremely suitable choices for this outfit.
  • Midi skirt: If you want to add a feminine touch to your outfit, combine your sukıtır with a midi skirt. With the soft material of sukıtır, you will feel comfortable and confident in all activities.
  • Wear with leggings: This is a trendy combination and suitable for girls who love sporty style. Leggings can help accentuate your legs and bring youthfulness and dynamism to your outfit.

3. it in the international fashion world

Sukıtır is not only a trend in Asia but is also promoted and applied by famous designers in the international fashion world and applied to their collections. In 2017, It appeared in designer Dior’s collection with a long-sleeved version and a high collar. By 2018, French designer Jacquemus also launched the “La Bomba” collection with sexy and outstanding sukıtır dresses.

4. Popular types of it today

Nowadays, there are many different types of sukıtır to satisfy each person’s taste. You can easily find types of it such as:

  • Long-sleeved it: Suitable for parties or cold days.
  • Floral printed Sukıtır: Creates a luxurious and feminine look to the outfit.
  • it has lace material: Adds sexiness and prominence to the shirt.

5. Frequently asked questions about it

Let’s find out frequently asked questions about sukıtır in the FAQ section below:

Q1. Is it suitable for everyone?

A1. Sure! it is suitable for all ages and genders, from children to adults, from men to women. Sukıtır has many different designs and colors so you can easily choose.

Q2. Is Sukıtır suitable for all situations?

A2. That’s right, It can be worn in many different situations, from work to going out or attending parties. You can flexibly mix and match with many different outfits and accessories to create different styles.

Q3. How many pants should Sukıtır be combined with?

A3. Depending on the length of the it, you can choose short or long pants as desired. However, long-neck it should be combined with short pants to create balance and avoid creating waste.

Q4. Is Sukıtır machine washable?

A4. Maybe. With cotton or linen, you can wash the sukıtır in the washing machine on a gentle setting and dry it in the dryer at low temperature.

Q5. Where should I buy it?

A5. Currently, It is widely sold in fashion stores nationwide and can also be ordered online from reputable fashion websites.


It has become one of the most popular fashion trends today. With a simple design but still bringing youthfulness and personality, It has attracted the attention of many people. You should also try combining it with a sukıtır to add a new and youthful look to your wardrobe!

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