My Highness – Exciting plot revealed

My Highness

My Highness is a Korean drama that is causing a stir on the small screen. With the participation of famous actors such as Ji Chang Wook, Kim Yoo Jung and Joo Jin Mo, the film has attracted the attention of audiences from all over the world. However, what makes the movie special and attracts viewers is its mysteries and intriguing plot. In this article, we will learn about the interesting things in My Highness and the surprises that await the audience.

His Highness returns – Revealing the whole story

The movie My Highness revolves around the story of Emperor Lee Hun (Ji Chang Wook) and Princess Ga Eun (Kim Yoo Jung). After being assassinated, Emperor Lee Hun was brought back to modern times and entered the body of a young man named Dong Hwi. Meanwhile, Princess Ga Eun was also brought back to modern times and entered the body of a girl named Seo Ji Hye.

With the appearance of new characters and unexpected details, My Highness revealed the entire story and created surprises for the audience. Besides, the transition between the modern and ancient worlds also makes the movie more interesting and attractive than ever.

The mysteries hidden in my Highness

One of the attractions of My Highness is the hidden mysteries that are only gradually revealed during the broadcast. From the assassination of Emperor Lee Hun to the conspiracies of royal officials, all are mysteries waiting to be discovered.

One of the biggest mysteries of the movie is the death of Emperor Lee Hun. In the first episode, the audience witnessed the Emperor being assassinated and falling into the abyss. However, in the following episodes, new clues are gradually revealed and show that the Emperor’s death may not be so simple.

In addition, the fact that Princess Ga Eun and Emperor Lee Hun were brought back to modern times is also a big mystery. No one knows who committed this action and the purpose of bringing them back. All these mysteries are making the film more attractive and attracting the audience’s attention.

The fateful couple in My Highness

One of the important elements of a drama is the main couple. In My Highness, the couple Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung brought a sweet and emotional love to the audience.

Emperor Lee Hun and Princess Ga Eun are two characters destined for each other. Even though they are in two different worlds, they always find ways to meet and be together. Their love is not simply the love between two people but also the love between two worlds.

Fierce power struggles in My Highness

Besides the sweet love of Emperor Lee Hun and Princess Ga Eun, My Highness also brings tense and dramatic power struggles. With the appearance of royal officials and their plots, the royal war has become fierce and no less thrilling.

In the film, Emperor Lee Hun faces enemies within the royal court and enemies outside. Being assassinated and being brought back to modern times also caused the Emperor to face many challenges and dangers. However, with intelligence and courage, the Emperor overcame everything to protect his kingdom and love.

The royal battle in My Highness

The battle of the throne is one of the indispensable elements in Korean historical dramas. In My Highness, the royal battle takes place quite tense and dramatic with the appearance of many characters with bad intentions.

With Emperor Lee Hun assassinated and Princess Ga Eun brought back to modern times, the royal battle has become more complicated than ever. Royal officials plotted to gain power and these plots also made the film more attractive and thrilling.

Shocking behind-the-scenes plots in My Highness

Not only are there power struggles and royal battles, My Highness also brings shocking plots to the audience. From the assassination of the Emperor to the plots of royal officials, everything makes the film tense and constantly surprises the audience.

One of the most shocking plots of the movie is that Princess Ga Eun is brought back to modern times and enters Seo Ji Hye’s body. No one would have guessed that this ordinary girl was related to the princess of the ancient kingdom. This created a major turning point in the plot and made the audience unable to take their eyes off the screen.

Unique cast of characters in My Highness

Not only does it have an engaging plot, My Highness also attracts audiences with its talented cast and their outstanding performances. Ji Chang Wook showed the diversity of acting when playing Emperor Lee Hun and modern guy Dong Hwi. Kim Yoo Jung also made a strong impression as princess Ga Eun and modern girl Seo Ji Hye.

Besides, Joo Jin Mo also demonstrated his top acting ability in the role of a royal official with bad intentions. Supporting actors such as Kwak Dong Yeon, Kim Min Kyu and Kim Bum also contributed to the success of the film.

The profound lesson behind My Highness

My Highness is not only an entertaining film but also gives the audience profound lessons about love, loyalty and power. The sweet love of Emperor Lee Hun and Princess Ga Eun shows that love can overcome all barriers and knows no distance of time or space.

Besides, the loyalty of the characters in the movie is also a notable highlight. No matter where they are, they always protect and trust each other, especially Emperor Lee Hun and Princess Ga Eun.

In addition, My Highness also showed that power can make people greedy and cruel. The power struggles in the film have caused many characters to become more heartless and cruel than ever.

The bright spots and downsides of my Highness

My Highness is a film with many bright spots and attracts the audience. From the engaging plot, great acting to the mysteries and surprises waiting to be discovered, all make the film special and attract the audience’s attention.

However, My Highness also has some limitations. One of these points is that the plot is somewhat confusing and confusing for some audiences. The transition between the two worlds and the mysteries that are revealed are not always clearly explained, which can leave the audience feeling confused.


To summarize, My Highness is a fascinating Korean drama that attracts the audience’s attention. With an intriguing plot, excellent acting and mysteries waiting to be discovered, the film has created a fever among the Korean film-loving community. However, there are also some limitations in the plot that may make the audience feel confused. We hope that My Highness will continue to bring surprises and attractions to the audience in the next episodes. Back Continue WriteNext 

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