I Like Comox: Explore the Wonderful Lands of British Columbia, Canada

I Like Comox

Comox is a small town located on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. With stunning landscapes and many outdoor activities, Comox is the ideal destination for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life and seek peace and harmony with nature. I had the opportunity to visit it and was very impressed with this land. In this article, I will share with you the wonderful things about Comox and why I like this place.

1. Explore Comox’s Beautiful Nature

Nearby beaches and islands

Comox is surrounded by beautiful beaches and islands, creating a beautiful landscape that attracts tourists. You can easily find pristine and quiet beaches to relax and enjoy the fresh air. If you want to explore the island, there are many tours by boat or kayak so you can explore the most beautiful areas of it.

Strathcona Natural Park

Strathcona Natural Park is a destination not to be missed when visiting Comox. This is the largest natural park in British Columbia and offers visitors great outdoor activities such as rock climbing, hiking and camping. You’ll see Comox’s most beautiful natural landscapes and have the opportunity to interact with wildlife.

Lake Comox

It Lake is one of the favorite places for visitors to Comox. With clear blue water and white sand, It Lake is an ideal place for swimming, fishing and relaxing. You can also rent kayaks or participate in water sports activities like windsurfing.

2. Experience the Culture and History of it

It Maritime Museum

The Comox Maritime Museum is an interesting destination for those interested in the history and culture of it. Here, you can learn about the maritime activities and fishing industry of this land. The museum also displays many artifacts and documents about the history of it.

Comox Town

The town of it is the ideal place for you to explore the culture and lifestyle of the locals. With cute little streets, specialty shops and local restaurants, you can enjoy Comox’s peaceful atmosphere and delicious food.

Filberg Festival

The Filberg Festival is one of Comox’s most famous events. Taking place each year on Labor Day weekend, this festival attracts thousands of visitors. Here, you can learn about the arts and crafts of Comox, enjoy delicious food, and participate in recreational activities.

3. Enjoy Comox’s Cuisine Specialties

fresh seafood

With its coastal location, Comox is the ideal place to enjoy fresh seafood. You can find great seafood dishes like lobster, crab, scallops, and salmon at local restaurants. Make sure to try one of these when you visit It.

Local wine

Comox is also famous for its delicious and diverse local wines. You can tour wineries and taste Comox’s wonderful wines.

Local dishes

In addition to seafood and wine, Comox also has many delicious and diverse local dishes. You can try dishes such as garlic butter bread, lamb and specialty cheeses of this land.

4. Participate in Outdoor Activities in It


Comox is an ideal destination for those who love climbing. With many beautiful and challenging peaks, you can enjoy stimulating and challenging climbing trips.

Long walk

If you want to explore Comox’s nature slowly, take hiking trips. There are many beautiful and diverse paths for you to explore this land.

Go fishing

With many rivers and lakes, It is an ideal place for fishing. You can rent a boat or join fishing tours for an enjoyable experience and bring home fresh fish.

5. Comox FAQ

Q: What’s special about it?

A: It has beautiful scenery, many outdoor activities and diverse culinary specialties.

Q: When is the best time to go to Comox?

A: The best time to go to Comox is during the summer from June to September when the weather is warm and sunny.

Q: How many airports are there near it?

A: Comox has only one international airport, It International Airport.

Q: Where can I rent a car in it?

A: You can rent a car at the airport or at car rental companies in Comox town.

Q: What hotels can I find in it?

A: Comox has many hotel options, from luxury resorts to cheap homestays.


It is a great destination for those looking for peace and connection with nature. With stunning landscapes, many outdoor activities and diverse culinary specialties, Comox will be a memorable experience for visitors. If you want to escape the noisy urban life and find a place to relax and mingle with nature, come to it.

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