Conquering Challenges: A Guide to Rongokurai’s Boon in Path of Exile

Rongokurai's Boon

Path of Exile (PoE) throws a gauntlet of challenges at players, demanding strategic builds and cunning tactics. Among the tools Exiles have at their disposal are unique items that grant powerful boons. One such item is Rongokurai’s Boon, a mysterious jewel coveted for its ability to bolster resilience during specific encounters.

This guide delves into Rongokurai’s Boon, exploring its benefits, acquisition methods, and synergies with various builds. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a budding Exile, understanding this unique jewel can significantly enhance your Path of Exile experience.

What is Rongokurai’s Boon?

Rongokurai’s Boon is a Legendary Jewel in Path of Exile. Equipping it grants a singular but potent effect:

  • Invulnerability during Ancestral Totem Banishment: When facing encounters that involve banishing Ancestral Totems, It renders you immune to damage and interruption. This immunity proves invaluable in specific endgame content, allowing you to focus solely on banishing the totems without worrying about enemy attacks.

Where to Find it

Rongokurai’s Boon is not readily available through vendors or traditional drops. Here are the primary methods for acquiring it:

  • Beast Crafting: The most common method involves utilizing the Beast Crafting system. This requires capturing specific beasts – namely, Perfect or Imperfect Guardian Turtles. When sacrificed in the Menagerie with the appropriate recipe, these beasts have a chance to create a corpse that, when interacted with, grants Rongokurai’s Boon.
  • Trading with Other Players: As a valuable item, It can be obtained through trading with other players on the official Path of Exile trade website. This option requires in-game currency and potentially carries the risk of encountering unreliable sellers.
  • League Rewards (Rare): In specific challenge leagues, It may be offered as a reward for completing specific endgame challenges. However, this method is unreliable and depends entirely on the current league mechanics.

Using Rongokurai’s Boon Effectively

While powerful, Rongokurai’s Boon caters to specific situations. Here’s how to maximize its effectiveness:

  • Target Encounters: This jewel shines brightest in encounters where Ancestral Totem banishment is a crucial mechanic. These include specific endgame content like The Trial of the Ancestors and certain boss fights.
  • Build Synergy: Consider your character build. Rongokurai’s Boon is most beneficial for characters that struggle with the damage dealt during Ancestral Totem phases. Characters focused on damage output or minion control might find alternative defensive options more valuable.
  • Gem Socket Management: It occupies a single jewel socket. Weigh its benefit against other potential gems that could enhance your build’s overall power.

Benefits vs. Drawbacks: A Comparison

Here’s a table summarizing the key points to consider when deciding if Rongokurai’s Boon is right for your build:

EffectImmunity to damage and interruption during Ancestral Totem BanishmentLimited situational use
AcquisitionBeast Crafting, Trading, or League Rewards (Rare)Requires investment (currency or effort)
Gem Slot ConsumptionOccupies one jewel socketReduces potential for other gem benefits

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is Rongokurai’s Boon necessary for all builds?

No, It caters to specific situations. Consider your build’s overall needs and the content you’re tackling.

  • What are alternative defensive options?

Depending on your build, alternative defensive options like defensive auras, fortify mechanics, or defensive flasks can offer broader protection.

  • Can I improve the chances of acquiring Rongokurai’s Boon through Beast Crafting?

Yes, capturing higher-tier Perfect Guardian Turtles increases the chance of obtaining the jewel. Additionally, utilizing specific beast crafting recipes with other beasts can further refine the odds.


Rongokurai’s Boon offers a powerful defensive edge in specific Path of Exile encounters. By understanding its benefits, acquisition methods, and synergy with various builds, you can leverage this unique jewel to overcome challenging content and further refine your Path of Exile experience. Remember, strategic use and build optimization are key to conquering the dangers of Wraeclast!

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